Considering the complexity and historical neglect of the Jewish presence in this territory, as well as the contemporary history of Israel and the diaspora, the Jewish Cultural Center uses a public­-friendly approach to encourage both young and adult visitors to re­think history and attempt to understand it better. Our educational mission, which includes curatorial projects, exhibitions, and practice­-based research aims to examine and present a multitude of facets related to the Holocaust and its profound effects on society. We believe that a rigorous examination of the Holocaust will help people reflect on the uses and abuses of power, as well as the roles and responsibilities of individuals, organizations and nations, as they confront violations of human rights; and contribute to a greater understanding of the possibilities of a repeated genocide in the contemporary world.


The Jewish Cultural Center (JCC) in Ljubljana serves the social life of the city's Jews and international visitors by presenting innovative, entertaining, and educational topics through theater and puppet performances, concerts, lectures, Jewish holidays, and other social gatherings. In close partnership with Mini Theater, the JCC is the epicenter for critical events and festivals promoting tolerance, inclusion, history, and education from western Slovenia to northeastern Italy.


Festival of Tolerance
European Days of Jewish Culture
Holocaust Remembrance Day


Jewish Cultural Center
KriĹževniška 3 SI-1000 Ljubljana
Slovenija / Slovenia

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Robert Waltl, director

Polona Vetrih, artistic director